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Our Philosophy

Our vision is a resilient, active, and focused Chattanooga.

Our mission is to provide expert and efficient care to help Chattanoogans in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s solve problems with long-term solutions, so they can avoid the downward and excessive spiral of pain and dysfunction, and thrive in their communities by being fully present and engaged.

We believe:

  1. Your health care should be unique to you, and completely focused on your goals

  2. You should understand the problems standing in the way of your goals

  3. You should know your treatment options and have autonomy to decide what is best for you

  4. You should have transparency about what your options will cost in time, energy, and money

Meet Your Guide


Dr. Rebecca Salstrand, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Salstrand graduated from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, followed by an orthopedic residency in Phoenix, Arizona.

She has worked in insurance-based models where she was unable to give patients the care they deserve. There was little time for patients to truly get better, and insurance dictated the care patients received. Patients were frustrated, and so was she.

She created Headspace Physio in 2024, and works alongside Heal at Home Physio to provide home or office visits. 

Dr. Salstrand specializes in treating head, neck, and jaw pain, as well as in helping clients master lifestyle changes that help them live better, longer.

In her free time, she enjoys being outside, long-distance backpacking, board game nights with friends, and baking sourdough bread.

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