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For Providers

Are you a provider referring a patient to Headspace Physio?

Please send a HIPPA-Secure email to

Include the patient's name and contact info, any pertinent exam or treatment notes, and the reason for referral. Expect a confirmation of receipt.

Other ways to collaborate

We believe that great care starts with collaboration. Patients with head, neck, and jaw dysfunction frequently require an integrated approach that utilizes the expertise of physical therapist, dentist, mental health therapist, orthodontist, otolaryngologist, oral surgeon, and primary care providers. We are always on the lookout for experts who are interested in working together rather than in our respective silos.


We believe these relationships are hard to find and take time to develop, but pay off in excellent outcomes for the patient and more satisfying care experience for everyone involved. Below, you will find some of the ways we typically connect with providers in our area.


Please reach out via email at if you are interested in beginning to establish a relationship.

Ways we collaborate

A Neighborly Hello

We are happy to come by your office, meet you and your team, and learn how you help patients. We also invite you to do the same, though not necessary. The primary purpose of this is for us to establish an initial connection and put names with faces. 


We offer 30-60 minute in-services at your office to share how we help patients with head, neck, and jaw dysfunction, how you help your patients, and discuss how our practices might collaborate on care. The primary purpose of this is to walk away with clarity on how we might collaborate for efficient and effective care of our patient populations. 

Case Consultation

We are always happy to hop on the phone to discuss any challenging cases, any cases on which we are currently collaborating, or if you want to discuss if a patient may benefit from a physical therapy referral.

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