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What we treat

We specialize in treating problems from the shoulders up.


In fact, we've devoted careers to developing top skillsets in treating conditions of the head, neck, and jaw. You won't find anyone in Chattanooga with more specialized training, mentorship, and focus on these issues than us.


And, we have a trusted network of the best providers in Chattanooga, so if you have a problem we can't treat, we'll send you directly to the person who can. 

Jaw problems


Neck problems



Shoulder problems

Care for you that fits your needs.
Nothing more, nothing less.

How we treat

We walk our clients through a step-by-step plan designed to help you get back to life and reduce symptom recurrence.

Your plan is unique to you and based on

your diagnosis, environment, and needs.

Our philosophy is: "As much treatment as necessary, as little as possible."

We choose to look at you as a whole person. This means that we are often not treating pain, but treating the environment that allows pain to thrive.

We work with people who are ready for things to change.

With whom we work

We believe that we should be a good fit for you, and you should be a good fit for us. After working with thousands of patients, we've found a few characteristics that predict success.

We work well with individuals who are:

  • Looking for long-term solutions, not quick-fixes

  • Willing to think about things differently

  • Ready to do the work to improve your life

  • Want to make decisions for themselves

  • Adopting a growth-oriented mindset

  • Willing to change what hasn't been working

Don't waste time. Get better faster with a specialist who
knows your problem and how to help you. 

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